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Jrock & Other icon creations
OMG a community
Welcome to omganeljay's graphic community! :D Please take a minute or two to check out the info below ↓

oo1. Remember to credit when using ICONS, LAYOUTS, or MOOD THEMES. :D
oo2. Textless graphics are NOT bases. Period. End of story. Do not edit them like a fggt, or I may have to find you and do horrible things to you and your dog. D:
oo3. Do NOT hotlink anything, as that is retarded and all it does is ruin the fun for everyone.
oo4. Although optional, comments are encouraged, criticism or not. :D/ Just don't be a jackass about it.
oo5. Want to affiliate? Drop me a line HERE.

ALSO Please check out omganarchive for all past posts, and customeljay for a customized LJ layout service. :D/